Permanent Makeup Training

Step into the world of Permanent Makeup excellence guided by the expertise of Alexandra Rosenberg. Our comprehensive training program merges Alexandra’s years of experience with cutting-edge techniques, empowering you to master the art of timeless beauty. With personalized mentorship, hands-on practice, and in-depth theory, you’ll gain the confidence to create stunning brows, lips, and eyeliners. Elevate your skills under Alexandra’s guidance and embark on a journey to becoming a certified Permanent Makeup artist, equipped to transform faces and boost confidence with every stroke.

Alexandra Rosenberg’s Permanent Makeup Training offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from a visionary artist. With a curriculum curated by Alexandra herself, you’ll delve into the intricacies of microblading, lip blush, and more, honing techniques that embody her signature style. Gain insights into color theory, client consultations, and the business side of permanent makeup, all while receiving personalized feedback. Elevate your career and artistic potential through this transformative training, becoming part of Alexandra’s legacy of enhancing natural beauty with precision and passion.

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Experience hands-on transformation through our practical live training with clients, a crucial aspect of our program. Gain real-world expertise under the guidance of Alexandra Rosenberg. 

You Will Learn

Product Knowledge

You will be provided with complete product knowledge to understand the use of all products effectively without understanding the products you can’t be a good permanent makeup artist. 

Theory (lECTURE)

After gaining the product knowledge, you will be delivered a lecture to give you a complete understanding of the permanent makeup industry so that you can easily start your own salon business. 


Coquitlam Salon believes in the philosophy of live demonstration. Our students are given a chance to demonstrate what they have learned at our salon during the practical training sessions. 


After going through the basic training processes our students will be given a chance to learn practical training to understand various aspects of the salon business to understand the clients concerns.


After the practical sessions, all students will be trained to understand what type of clients bring concerns and what the basic problems they face. It is very important to achieve the desirable results of the clients. 


You can’t be a permanent makeup Artist if you don’t know how to cherish a smile on the faces of your clients. We will also provide this training along with certification to help you grow your business. 

Training TOPICS

Eye Brows



Skin Color Correction