Enhance your eyes with the magic of Eyeliner at Coquitlam Salon. Our expert technique adds allure and definition, creating looks that mesmerize. Elevate your beauty with skillful eyeliner application, giving your eyes a captivating depth and intensity.

Smokey Eyeliner

Unveil the allure of Smokey Eyeliner at Coquitlam Salon. Our technique crafts alluring and captivating looks, exuding confidence and style. Elevate your gaze with our precise smokey eyeliner application, achieving an irresistible depth and intensity.


Classic Eyeliner

Unveil the enchantment of Classic Eyeliner at Coquitlam Salon. Our adept approach defines your eyes with a touch of enduring elegance, creating looks that capture timeless allure. Elevate your gaze through our meticulous application of classic eyeliner, adding a dash of refined sophistication to your beauty.

Lash Line

Elevate your eyes with Lash Line enhancement at Coquitlam Salon. Our precise technique adds subtle definition and depth, framing your eyes with a natural allure. Experience the art of understated beauty as our expert touch enhances your lash line, giving your gaze an effortlessly captivating charm.