Lip Blush

Experience the magic of Lip Blush at Coquitlam Salon. Our specialty lies in creating soft, natural-looking lips that enhance your unique charm. Trust our expert artistry to deliver a captivating, long-lasting pout that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Eye Brows

Elevate your allure with our specialty: Eyebrows. At Coquitlam Salon, we master the art of crafting precise, natural brows that frame your face beautifully. From microblading to ombre techniques, our expertise ensures brows that define your individuality and leave a lasting impression.



Experience the enchantment of our expertise: Eyeliner. At Coquitlam Salon, we master the technique of crafting mesmerizing eyeliner styles that accentuate your eyes. From delicate finesse to striking intensity, our eyeliner artistry adds depth and allure, framing your eyes with captivating precision.

Skin color Correction

Unlock the secret to flawless skin with our specialty: Skin Color Correction. At Coquitlam Salon, we excel in harmonizing and perfecting skin tones, creating a canvas of radiant beauty. Our expert techniques ensure a natural, even complexion that lets your inner glow shine through.